My Experience with the Deerman of Central Alberta.

Now you are probably wondering by the title just what this article is going to be about? I’ve reported for a while on this subject, I figured why not jump in and tell you my personal experience with the Deerman of Central Alberta. I’ve traveled all about the Central Alberta area. I love the small rural communities scattered about the land and meeting such amazing people. Everything, that I’ve documented is something that I love and dedicate my life to documenting. Now, you are probably wondering just why I’m doing this? Well, I love anything cryptid, the very thought of a creature that isn’t Bigfoot lurking around these small communities, that its something that’ll keep you up at night and on your toes if your camping.

Wandering around the small village and Hamlet streets, taking it all in and enjoying the time I have spent on this mission of mine. Do I think the Deerman is real? My answer to that is yes. I do believe that there are creatures out there, animals that haven’t been discovered yet. Creatures that have been brushed off as not existing and thus have been cataloged as being real. Who’s to say that Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, or Deerman aren’t real? People who dismiss these strange beings are closed minded and are forever living in a life of ignorance. I for one open my arms wide to hug this mysterious creature.

I’ve set up this Blog, a Twitter account, and Youtube Channel in the hopes of spreading awareness of the Deerman of Central Alberta. Perhaps there’s more? Maybe, there is a tribe of them traveling the country. There have been sightings that have been coming in from Manitoba. I have an open mind but this strange entity has occupied most of my free time.

I’m on a mission to bring the truth out about the Deerman, I haven’t heard of anyone being harmed by it and though there have been a few close calls nothing about anyone being mauled to death or killed. Though, it should be said that the Deerman is a wild animal, it’s a creature that shouldn’t be corned or toyed with. This is an undocumented animal that should be given the respect and distance to ensure the safety of the Deerman and of those who wish to investigate such a being. I already am planning an extensive trip to the Villages and Hamlets that have experienced an increase in Deerman sightings.

I honestly hope you all enjoy my articles and please share them with anyone who enjoys the subject of the unknown and mystery to please share this blog and help spread the word. So that the Deerman of Central Alberta can one day be protected from those who wish to do it harm.

The Consort Connection.

The grain mills of Consort, are just like any other picturesque place in central Alberta. A reminder of what the Prairies are all about. Strange sightings and Agriculture, with the world changing with every passing minute. I feel that we should look both ways before crossing the street. Look to the future and the past, as we move forward we tend to forget a part of the past. In this case, it’s those creatures we don’t give a second thought too.

If you were to take a drive through the backcountry of Alberta you’d see some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Europe wishes it had the amazing views that you can find in Alberta. The world seems to want to rewrite its history and that means everything we know and love may not be remembered in the next hundred years. People love to think that everything they see in the world around them is all that matter. No one really cares about anything else but what is in their bubble. I won’t say much on the subject, but everything is going down this very path.

In this day and age, I’m documenting everything that I can on the Deerman, those accounts sent to me by those who’ve witnessed this mysterious creature and making it my life’s goal to reveal to the world that this creature exists.

This account took place last summer and in the village of Consort near the grain elevator. A sighting that would leave one woman complete confused and not knowing what lurks within the darkness. As she was walking her dog like she always had done before, she decided that a walk past the grain elevator would be a nice change of pace. She was wrong and as she walk past the dimly lite old spotlights that haven’t been changed since during the Great Depression.

She went on speaking about how her dog started to act up and yank itself free and run into the darkness. Now after what? Many believe it could’ve been a vast variety of things. For me, I believe it to be the Deerman. Why? It has been reported that the Deerman does crave the flesh of small animals. As it was reported in a previous article. Though, it was reported that the sound of a Deer had been heard including the odd sounds of a deep-voiced creature attempting to communicate with her. Though this could also be a misunderstanding on the witnesses behalf.

Before anything could happen she scooped up her dog and ran through the night until she reached the porch of a neighbors house. Banging on the door in a panic she was greeted by her half-asleep neighbor who reported that she was on the verge of a full-blown panic attack. Griping her dog tight, he let her in, and before she could do anything she collapsed.

She awoke on the couch and couldn’t believe what had happened. So her and a few of her friends decided to go back in the hopes of finding any trace of the unknown beast and to no avail. On that night she came close to being another statistic of vanishing without a trace. Just like many who disappear in rural communities. Was this the Deerman of Central Alberta? Perhaps we’ll never know.

The Meeting Creek Encounter.

Drawing courtesy of Nathaniel Brislin.

Meeting Creek, a small Hamlet with a population of only 21. Though this small sleepy corner of society in Central Alberta was home of a sighting that it’s residents wish it never was a part of. Meeting Creek, is located just off of Highway 56 and it’s something that looks like a living version of a Rockwell painting. Though on the night of August 21st of 2018 as the sun began to rise up to the sky and erase the unknown darkness that is the night.

As there are breathtaking sights to see by means of scenery. I spoke with a retired Librarian who wanted her name omitted from this article out of fear of ridicule by those around her. Seeing something like the Deerman would make one appear a tad bit off. This isn’t anything new as many of those who have seen Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster have gone through they’re fair share of ridicule.

It was early in the morning and she awoke to her routine of making herself a pot of coffee and making her breakfast. Though she lived alone she never felt scared, but when that moment came on that fateful day when only but a double glass pane window separating her from what could only be described as a creature not of this world.

While she looked out her window as the coffee was brewing there standing just a few yards away was the Deerman. She recalled that it stood perfectly still like a statue, they’re eye’s were locked and neither one of them blinked, and before she knew it the creature slowly made it’s way to the window. It’s none blinking eye’s were almost hypnotic she described. But as this bond was made it was quickly cut off as it turned around and began to make it’s way back to where it came. But not before taking a few of the crab apples from her tree.

Ever since then she has continued to wake up at the same time every single day in the hopes of catching a glimpse of what she said was the most majestic animal she’s ever seen. She never felt fear like the others who’ve reported they’re encounters with the Deerman. But maybe the Deerman isn’t that bad after all? Maybe, it’s just miss understood? Who honestly knows. But as I report my findings on an almost daily basis I’m finding myself having a warm place in my heart for the elusive Deerman. I hope you do as well.

The Farmer and the Deerman.

Stock Photo used. As the Farmer didn’t want his name or location released.

This report takes place smack dab right of Highway 53, west of Donalda, and it deals with a Farmer and his livestock. If you are the faint of heart, I suggest you understand that in the world of the living life is born and taken away. With that being said a Farmer was awoken one night to the sound of his pigs screams in fear, this woke him up and caused him to run out side in his underwear. Brandishing a rifle, he scanned the area and found that all his pigs were accounted for.

Not knowing just what spooked the pigs he fired two rounds into the air in the hopes of scaring what he only assumed was a coyote or perhaps another vastly larger predator. But on that night he was called yet again to check on his cows who were crying out into the night. The Farmer didn’t know what to make of it and quickly got his Son and ran towards the barn. The Cows were clearly spooked and were stopping they’re hooves and shrieking, like someone was there or something. He already crossed off a Coyote as it would’ve ran away by now and everything looked clear.

He was about to leave the barn that was until he heard the floor creak above him in the hay loft. That’s when he realized that whatever it was, was hiding up above. Now, he said he intially thought it to be kids, perhaps wanting to tip a cow, or try to rob him. Before he could say a single word a noise that filled him with fear echoed through the barn driving his animals into a frenzy. Before he could do anything the mysterious figure jumped down and bolted through the night. This wasn’t the end as he fired another shot and this time almost hitting the Deerman.

It was too late and the creature vanished into the night, the animals were all unharmed, and were on edge for the rest of the night. After a few days the dust settled down and life returned to normal for the most part. But now he sleeps with one eye open and his rifle loaded next to his bed.

Sighting at the Willow Canyon Trail in Donalda.

Founded in 1911, Donalda is a village located in Central Alberta and is known for having the largest lamp in the world. Plus it’s the birthplace of Model/Actress Tricia Helfer. Now with that being said, it’s a quiet part of the world, a small community where the only thing that happens is the annual village festival. But that all changed on the day of April 24th of 2002. When a hike through the Willow Canyon revealed something that was never meant to be seen by human eyes.

While an elderly woman who’s the name she didn’t want to reveal out of fear of public scrutiny. Recalled her sighting of the elusive Deerman. As she was committed to doing her daily hike routine in order to stay fit and active. She was alone and just thought that day would be like any other. But she was wrong, as she was about to come face to face with a creature that was only reserved for her nightmares. She recalled that she heard nothing but silence, a common trait when about to witness the Deerman. She was taken aback by this as she usually heard birds or other hikers in the area, but not today.

She stopped and was feeling a sense of dread. Soon she heard the sound of a twig snapping and as she turned around, she came face to face with the Deerman. Who stood before her like that of a statue. The feeling of terror washed over her and as she didn’t move an inch, the Deerman took a step towards her and towards a clear few feet taller than her.

It attempted to communicate she recalled as if it was trying to talk, but all it could mutter was that of what a Deer makes while warning others. The day was cool and damp and though this being was completely naked like a wild man. It didn’t show any effects of said weather. Not a shiver or a tremble.

It reached out with his hand in an attempt to touch her but before it could in the distance a conversation could be heard between two other hikers and a dog that was barking like it was rabid. The next thing she knew the Deerman bolted from the scene. Just what it was about to do is up for debate. But one thing for sure, that if this creature was attempting to communicate with a person or was it about to pray on its next victim? No one can say for sure, but its fear of being spotted by people wasn’t an issue before, until the sound of a dog. Is this creature afraid of our four-legged companions? Or did it fear retaliation if it decided to be hostile in search of food?

After the event took place, she decided to run towards the others and warn them of what she had witnessed. Not knowing exactly what she was talking about they believed she saw something truly terrifying. As they left with her, they had to restrain their dog, as it began going crazy, attempting to break itself free from its owners and run into the unknown. Was it attempting to protect those nearby from a horrendous threat? Or was it being drawn in for a potential meal?

No one knows for sure, but the rise of Deerman sightings are beginning to grow as Central Alberta is now under a new threat and that is a creature that is growing more bolder with every passing day. If you have any information pertaining to the Deerman, please message me on this site, or on Twitter @DeermanOf, or even email me at

Midnight Stuck Between Living and Dead.

Similar to the road the sighting took place.

As I write this article for you all to read. I am currently being hit with sightings of the Deerman in Donalda, a village nearby Rosalind. So expect my next one to be based near that small pocket of society. Which is an amazing place to visit when you have the chance, all these places that I’m reporting of and from are the best in the world. I hope someday to set up shop and film my dream documentary on my quest to hunt for the Deerman.

As I write this article for you all to read. I am currently being hit with sightings of the Deerman in Donalda, a village nearby Rosalind. So expect my next one to be based near that small pocket of society. Which is an amazing place to visit when you have the chance, all these places that I’m reporting of and from are the best in the world. I hope someday to set up shop and film my dream documentary on my quest to hunt for the Deerman.

This sighting comes in from a seventeen-year-old kid travelling to see his friends on a Friday night on May long weekend. Usually, these details cruising around and exploring the countryside. But on this day something happened and that is he got lost driving down Range Road 174 and decided to pull off the road and turned off to the “Crop Production Services Road”. While he tried to gain his bearings and as the world around him was already becoming an alien world, he didn’t expect to witness a sight that he will never forget.

Slowly, he began to turn around and make his way back to a part of his journey that may jog his memory. As he was driving way below the speed limit in an attempt to find his way back, he coasted until he came to a complete stop as the sight that befell him was one of monstrous. The very thought of a half man/half deer on all fours standing perfectly still. The strange creature was attempting to cross the road but stood perfectly still like a statue. It was beyond anything he could imagine.

Not knowing what to do he just sat there, his mouth wide open, the stench of musk filled the air, and soon seconds turned to minutes. He was afraid to move even an inch as he thought at any moment that beast could attack him and do God knows what to him. Thoughts were racing through his head of his parents not knowing where he was? Of him not graduating, not going to Prom, and not being able to follow his dreams. The Deerman slowly stood up revealing it’s true height and slowly it began to walk towards the car. Moving just like that of a deer very quick and skittish movements.

While the temperature dropped steam can be seen shooting out of its nose. It silently towards him and began letting out snorts that cut through the air and filled him with fear. Just as the Deerman stood a few feet from the driver’s side window. The young man began to cry and without a second to spare, he threw the vehicle into drive and sped off. The last of the Deerman occupying the same distance as the nameless individual was that he slowly began to run towards the vehicle until it gave up. Through his rearview mirror, he saw it get back on all fours and return into the darkness.

It was a night that would never be forgotten and with that note, the world of the Deerman is being more exposed by every passing day. When will this madness stop? Perhaps we’ll have to just wait and see. Though one thing is for sure and that is I will not rest until this creature is captured.

The Deerman Sighted in Mirror, Alberta.

The Hamlet of Mirror is located in Lacombe County, in Central Alberta and injunction with Highway 50 and 21. It was incorporated as a village in 1870 and soon it’s numbers dropped giving it the title of a Hamlet. The community is small and it’s the type of place where everyone know’s each others business. So with a population of roughly 502 people, someone’s bound to see something. And that’s just what happened. During the early mornings of a cool spring morning. When a thick fog forged through the countryside and soon blanketed the landscape and gave off an error feeling of the unknown. It was something that resembled the film “The Mist”.

Now, this report isn’t based on the experience of a single person but instead of a Husband and Wife. A church-going couple who are retired and who both worked for the County of Lacombe and both couldn’t believe what they had seen. As like they always did on that day, they ate together, had coffee, and decided to drive through the country. A tradition they’ve kept for the latter part of twenty years.

On that fateful morning, the two drove through the fog and turned off the main highway 50 and decided it would be a nice change if they drove down Range Road 225. A decision that would soon lead to a sighting that they would never forget.

While they drove slowly through the fog they both claim they saw something moving in and out of the fog with such great speed that it couldn’t have been a man. While they continued to drive they could swear it looked like a Deer but it was too large to be a Deer. Not wanting to scare the known skittish animal the Husband slowed to a stop and waited for a moment or two. In the hopes of having it run away in the hopes of not hitting it.

Slowly, the Husband began driving again and was forced to slam on the brakes as standing just a few feet in front of them was the Deerman. It stood perfectly still and slowly stood up on its hind legs and is said to have towered over they’re car. Without a second thought, the Husband slammed on the horn and stepped on the gas, the fear took hold of him, and he didn’t want to have his life end if that was in the cards or not. He didn’t want to find out and was protecting the life of his wife. Just before his car was to make contact with the Deerman, it bolted into the fields covered by the thick fog.

The couple had no idea what they saw and didn’t stop until they reached their driveway. As night fell upon the Hamlet of Mirror the couple were stuck with more questions than answers. They talked through the night and thought what they had seen was nothing more than a trick of the mind, though in the morning they both believed what they had seen was that of the elusive Deerman. Since then, they don’t drive through the country that much anymore.

I reached out to the couple and they told me everything they could remember. I plan on visiting Mirror, Alberta in the hopes of doing a more in-depth article in the future. They went in great detail of the physical attributes of the Deerman, they also described the dead eye’s that cut through them like a knife. They never believed in the Deerman, that was until that one day, and now they wish they never have seen it. A part of you dies when you see something that you thought would never exist. This is a common trait of those who’ve seen other such creatures. You begin to wonder if you’ve been lied to your entire life. Though sometimes the truth makes one wish to live a life of lies when you see just what you thought was never meant to be.